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    Procurement and distribution services

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    Supply chain solutions

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    Corporate bulk-buy

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    Repair, reuse and recycling

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    Secure data destruction

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    Risk-pooling warehousing

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    Periodic review and full reports

In today's fast-paced mobility market, supply chain partners require an ally who can source and distribute a wide range of electronic components. SZC's vast network of connections allows you to buy and sell across the mobility industry, from OEMs to retailers, boosting your efficiency.

What we do


Engage our dedicated team to achieve your goals, regardless of what they may be. Our mobility commodity manager and a team of experts are ready to create and provide the tailored solutions required to ensure that you stay agile.

Optimize Your Supply Chain

SZC empowers partners in the ever-evolving mobile industry by offering personalized inventory management, shortage sourcing, and cost savings programs that guarantee seamless product availability and streamline the supply chain management process.

Recycling to reduce e-waste

SZC is guided by circular design concepts to make device last longer. Our team focussed on reparability, reuse and upgradeability, which in turn enables our partners to release new products using product design, recycling processes and reuse processes for functional electronics components to retain value.

Plan ahead

In the ever-changing mobile electronic supply chain, relying on Just-in-Time (JIT) concepts can be more detrimental than beneficial. To minimize the negative impact of these challenges, it's essential to adopt a forward-thinking approach and plan ahead for the long term - SZC's got you covered.

Gain the latest trends

We are in relations with various manufacturers and OEMs, which helps us dig out market data that helps us generate accurate research data tables and confirms accuracy in our market forecasting.

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