How We Help
  • 01 Partner with your team early in the pre-production phase
  • 02 Advance notification when product changes or revisions are coming
  • 03 Last-Time Buy (LTB) of discontinued or obsolete End-of-Life (EOL) parts
  • 04 "life-time-buys" on parts for our customers


With the most comprehensive and non-biased source of electronic intelligence in the industry, we'll make sure you're always in the loop so you can keep your lines running smoothly.

  • Assess impact of Product Change Notices (PCN) and End-of-Life Notices (EOL)

    By assessing the impact of these notices, SZC helps you proactively plan for changes and avoid supply chain disruptions. You can count on us to keep your production lines running smoothly, from start to finish.

  • Maintenance of buffer stock of common and critical components
  • Managed Inventory Services
  • Source obsolete and hard-to-find parts
Don't let component lifecycles limit your options. When a component becomes end-of-life, it can be stressful, especially if you depend on it for repairs or production. However, being aware of lifecycle changes ahead of time can make all the difference in keeping your operations running smoothly.

In the world of electronic componentry, component lifecycles can be a dilemma for businesses. The sudden shift to end-of-life status can cause a significant strain, particularly when there are warranty and repair agreements, or when production depends on it. However, preemptively anticipating lifecycle changes can mean the difference between uninterrupted operations or getting stuck in the doldrums.

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