How We Help
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    Source hard-to-find components to support diverse consumer devices

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    Work with vetted suppliers to ensure authenticity

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    Help with the most challenging supply chain issues

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    Purchase your excess inventory to maximize your profitability

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    SZC's complete quality policy - ISO 9001: 2015 certified

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    Custom inventory-management solutions to meet your needs

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    Share with you the latest real-time news

In an ever-changing world of consumer electronics, our international team stays up-to-date with the latest national requirements and adheres to them in our sourcing processes. Count on us to locate the components you need, freeing you up to concentrate on what really matters – driving your business forward.

What we do


We understand the fast-paced nature of the consumer-electronics industry and the importance of staying ahead of the curve. With our assistance, you can track and source scarce parts while building strategic inventory to meet future demand.

Global Procurement Support

Our cross-functional team collaborates with you from the initial brain-storming to end-of-life or last-time-buy components, ensuring a robust supply chain that meets your production needs. We employ multi-origin component sourcing to mitigate risks and offer just-in-time delivery that keeps your operations uninterrupted.

Lifecycle Management

We help you navigate the challenges of electronic component selection, supply chain volatility, and compliance requirements from design to sustainment. Our solutions provide access to key information, including technical specifications, pricing, stock availability, predictive lifecycle, compliance, and counterfeit risk. This enables your engineers to make informed decisions and supports a healthy electronic components supply chain.

Quality Assurance Commitment

For the sake of both your brand’s reputation and your clients, never skimp on quality control during the manufacturing process. We only choose reputable suppliers to avoid counterfeit parts and we offer various tests to assure your brand's reputation; Quality is the foundation of everything we do.

Inventory Management Solutions

In the fast-paced world of consumer electronics, shortened product lifecycles and rapid obsolescence are leading to increasing demand for better and cheaper devices. SZC's comprehensive inventory management solutions offer new capabilities to understand consumer needs and respond to them even while retaining flexibility in production, distribution and logistics.

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