Inspection Process

Inspection Process

SZC's multi-stage inspection process offers the ultimate solution to prevent the scourge of counterfeit product infiltration into your supply chain. We categorize any product irregularities into discrepant materials and immediately send them back to the vendor. With this commitment to quality, you can rest assured that your supply chain will remain untainted by the perils of fake and fraudulent products.

Counterfeit Avoidance

Counterfeit Avoidance

Through long-standing relationships and rigorous testing, SZC has never delivered a counterfeit part in our entire history. To mitigate risk, we subject all our products to a rigorous inspection process carried out by personnel with specialized training in counterfeit detection techniques. This dedication to quality and thoroughness ensures that only the most legitimate products make it into our customers' supply chain.

Vendor Rating Program

Vendor Rating Program

Our ongoing vendor rating program is equally rigorous, ensuring all products are sourced from pre-approved vendors that meet stringent performance standards, industry certification requirements and are equipped with robust counterfeit avoidance measures. We employ both in-house and external testing equipment to guarantee quality, further reinforcing our commitment to the highest standards.



In a world of non-stop disruption, SZC's unwavering commitment to upholding international quality, environmental, and electronic-industry-specific standards has led to a spate of certifications. These include the ISO 9001:2015 Certified classifications. By demanding such exacting standards, SZC guarantees that all of its globally sourced product has been subjected to rigorous inspection and evaluation.


Process for Success

Our inspection quality you can be confident in

We deploy state-of-the-art measures, in-house and through our exclusive partner network, to guarantee that solely bona fide electronic components are allowed into your intricate supply chain and ultimate consumer products.


Visual Inspection of External Packaging

Document Verification Check

Detailed Visual Inspection

Label Verification

Digital Photography

Requirement Verification

Value-Added Testing

Departs to Customer


Our dedication to product quality is unwavering

Our team of highly trained quality inspectors are ever-vigilant, constantly staying on the cutting edge of fraud and counterfeit detection and prevention. SZC's rigorous inspection process goes above and beyond your exacting standards.


Explore our facilities

From our global operational facilities, we have implemented robust environmental controls to ensure your products arrive in pristine condition.

Founder Spotlight
May Tai

Embracing technological advancements, the electronic components of today demand materials of exceptional caliber.

Here at SZC, we lead the industry in procuring the finest materials, powering modern electronic components with high-performance solutions that drive the industry forward and cater to the ever-evolving needs of consumers.

Our broad-ranging portfolio ensures that electronic parts are equipped with the properties that enable us to stay ahead of the competition.

May Tai

Vice President of Counterfeit Detection

SZC Goes Above And Beyond Industry Standards

Our Industry certifications and affiliations, these standards serve as an assurance that our components and services are worthy of your trust.



Certified Quality Inspectors

All inspectors in SZC are required to pass the IDEA-ICE-3000 exam and become certified professional inspectors before they may perform final inspection on any product to be delivered to a customer. This certification ensures that our quality team is trained to safeguard and effectively examine components.



An electronic quality control method’s success can only be ascribed to the quality engineer who created it. Our quality engineers provide the technical expertise necessary to determine the optimal testing techniques for each component type, perform root-cause analysis, and continually improve our operational efficiency.

Recertification and Training

Our commitment to quality runs deeper than just processes and certifications.

Our people receive a wealth of industry and quality knowledge, and through our comprehensive training, we ensure that our people maintain up-to-date skills and knowledge. SZC's global operations employees are required to undergo yearly training refreshers, including MSL and ESD compliance, counterfeit mitigation, and cybersecurity so they can consistently deliver products and services of unparalleled excellence.


All electronic component testing services and counterfeit detection services are conducted in an ESD 20.20 compliant EPA, and to the highest quality standards.

Functionality Testing

SZC's functionality lab can test the full range of electronic components and peripherals to ensure each component is thoroughly evaluated for quality, capacity, output, value, and more.


Authenticity Testing

Our counterfeit detection testing lab is provisioned with the most advanced in-house tools to verify component authenticity. With exterior Inspection, solderability test, X-ray, decapsulation and custom testing solutions available, the integrity of your parts will never be in question.