How We Help
  • 01 Determine your business needs
  • 02 Consolidate similar or overlapping suppliers
  • 03 Monitor supplier performance
  • 04 Reduce transactions and bottom-line costs
  • 05 Improve procurement efficiency and versatility
  • 06 Assure the high standards of your products


SZC's vendor-consolidation services improve supply chain management, cut costs, and boost business performance.

  • Cost Savings

    SZC's systematic vendor consolidation allows you to have streamlined procurement processes, lowering the total cost of procurement. By reducing your number of suppliers, you can cut administrative costs and streamline supply chain management.

  • Improved Global Supply Chain
  • Time and Resource Savings
  • Onsite and Offsite Support
Consolidating suppliers for noncritical or one-off purchases through SZC's services can create operational efficiencies by simplifying procurement processes, reducing administrative costs, and improving supplier performance.

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Founder Spotlight

SZC’s supplier-consolidation services save our customers countless hours of supplier setup time and management. We’ve taken a thousand suppliers down to a single partnership with SZC that resulted in over a million dollars in realized savings.

Raisa Lee

Chief Administrative Officer

SZC Market Insights

Sep 8, 2022
Market Insights
New company investments will lead to more domestic semiconductor production and innovation, which will help avert future chip shortages and ensure the industry meets the growing demand from sectors like the automotive, data storage, and wireless connectivity industries. The automotive industry, for example, is estimated to be responsible for 20% of chip demand, and the wireless communication industry is projected drive 25% of growth by 2030.
Dec 15, 2022
Market Insights
Bad actors have multiple access points to semiconductors outside the reach of sanctions, manufacturers’ compliance programs, or other oversight mechanisms. While recognizing these challenges, the U.S. semiconductor industry is deeply committed to working with the U.S. and allied governments to address the illicit diversion of semiconductors and disrupt Russia’s and Iran’s access to controlled technologies.
Feb 24, 2023
Market Insights
Over 40 new semiconductor ecosystem projects announced across the U.S., including the construction of new semiconductor manufacturing facilities (fabs), expansions of existing sites, and facilities that supply the materials and equipment used in chip manufacturing.
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