How We Help
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    Source the best high-performance components you need

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    Supply popular OEM replacement parts

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    Overcome shortage challenges to deliver consoles on time

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    Tap into our extensive network of trusted suppliers worldwide

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    Our certified quality program guarantees product integrity

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    Develop custom inventory programs to optimize your supply chain

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    Get ahead of the game with our VMI support

SZC is here to help source critical parts that are in high demand or facing supply shortages, ensuring that gamers can keep their systems up-to-date and running smoothly. We also can help with inventory management and provide customized programs to help manage stock levels and keep up with market demand.

What we do


Stay on top of the ever-changing gaming industry with SZC as your partner. We can help you secure the latest and most reliable components, even when they're in high demand or facing supply shortages.

Global Procurement

Our skilled global sourcing capabilities allow us to navigate complex supply chain situations and ensure a consistent supply of the latest consoles, GPUs, and CPUs to your end users. We closely monitor market trends and demand fluctuations to help you stay ahead of the curve and deliver cutting-edge gaming technology to your customers.

Shortage Sourcing

In today's technologically driven world, there's a higher demand than usual. Many kinds of electronic devices depend on critical components such as memory. We utilize multichannel sourcing including franchised, direct, and open-market methods. We can also facilitate the procurement and redistribution of excess products across the market to mitigate shortages in supply.

Trustworthy Quality

When parts are seen as not authentic, can be a toxic problem and damage to a brand’s or game’s perception can be difficult to repair. SZC's certified laboratories conduct rigorous functionality and authenticity testing of components, providing the quality assurance needed to safeguard brands and their products.

VMI Management Support

In addition to our sourcing services, we offer customized inventory management solutions that are tailored to your unique needs. From inventory forecasting to warehousing and shipping, the time and money spent on inventory management can be significant. SZC’s VMI services decrease total cost of inventory ownership, schedule just-in-time delivery, and help keep you focused on your core business.

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