IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc.

Integrated Device Technology, Inc. heralded the triumphant consummation of its acquisition by Renesas in March 2019. This establishment forges comprehensive solutions that elevate the efficacy of patrons' applications. Foremost offerings encompass chronometry, wireless power conveyance, sequential commutation, and interconnections, constituting a thorough repertoire of pervasive mixed-signal panaceas tailored for communication, computation, consumer, automotive, and industrial realms. Seated in San Jose, Calif., IDT boasts global design, fabrication, vending outposts, and dissemination partners. IDT stock is listed on NASDAQ Global Select Stock MarketĀ® with the ticker "IDTI."

Integrated Circuits (ICs) (2173)
Serves customers in 45 countries
Worldwide Manufacturers
$140M Growth in 5 Years
50M Parts Shipped in 5 Years